How to fix cloudy concrete sealer?

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If there are white spots or a cloudy light gray or deeper color tone on your concrete after applying a sealer, you will probably need to use chemical products like acetone or xylene. These products are similar and can help with the type of sealer issue.

How to repair cloudy concrete sealer ?

Many successful methods are possible to fix cloudy concrete sealer. However, you must choose the right method according to the kind of sealer issue you have.

Water-based sealer

Using a water-based sealer can cause white spots or a cloudy color in your concrete, because of excess humidity and or extreme weather.

You need to verify if the sealer applied was a water-based sealer, or a solvent based sealer, before beginning the repair.

The 3 different steps to follow

  1. If you are experiencing the staining or haze common problems mentioned above. And you know that the product was applied with a water-based sealer and that it was applied two days ago or less. You have all the requirements for using an acetone-based chemical. You can usually eliminate the humidity trapped beneath the sealer cures by applying acetone solvent on the surface. Start by applying the solvent on a cloth or dipping your brush into it.
  2. Then, rub the affected area vigorously with acetone product.
  3. After that, remove any excess solvent with a clean rag and apply the new sealer.

In the case you have the grayish-white spots or cloudy concrete, and you know that it was done with a solvent based sealer, you can use xylene and toluene solvents to help with the issue. Xylene is a stronger product.

Pulverize the solvent on the cloudy area of concrete paver or white spots, and the humidity trapped beneath will disappear. Of course, you need to be sure that there is no more xylene on the surface before applying the new sealer.

The toluene solvent and the other solvents mentioned above are mainly used as a solvent in certain paint thinners, coatings, contact concrete and in certain types of glues. Always contact the manufacturer of the solvent and the manufacturer of the sealer for compatibility and safety concerns.

If you are not comfortable using these products, contact a professional, they will give you advice and tips or even do the work for you. It will give you peace of mind.


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