Charles Ouimet’s Complete Garage Makeover

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Cyclist and influencer Charles Ouimet wanted to turn his garage into a functional yet attractive space that would provide him with a place of his own to train, work on his bikes, and create content. With the help of B-Protek, his dream of a complete garage makeover – designed in his image – became a reality.

Garage remodel from floor to ceiling

To start, the B-Protek team repaired the concrete floor, followed by polyaspartic resurfacing with vinyl flakes. Next, our organization experts configured the ideal layout and installed locally made custom storage cabinets.

Revive your concrete floor with polyaspartic resurfacing

Why choose a polyaspartic resurfacing with vinyl flakes for your garage flooring? This durable coating resists scratches and stains, while also providing a finish that eliminates any volatile dust. It’s a low maintenance way to extend the life of your existing concrete slab.

Custom storage cabinets suited to your needs

Custom storage cabinets made the space more functional, providing optimal organization for all of Charles Ouimet’s tools and cycling equipment. Best of all, the cabinets are as stylish as they are sturdy and strong.

Charles Ouimet’s Complete Garage Makeover

Maximize space with an aluminum slatwall backsplash

Our full-service storage solution also included the addition of an aluminum slatwall backsplash, complete with carbon fibre finish to match the influencer’s style perfectly.

This system allows you to organize, store and display whatever you desire with ease. The wall panels have matching accessories such as hooks, shelves or baskets, which feature back plates designed to safely spread the load over the entire wall surface.

Working with a trusted brand is always a win

Calling in the professionals was a must for this cyclist. Not only did Charles Ouimet want impeccable results, he also wanted to maximize every square foot of space in his garage. Our experts at B-Protek re-imagined the layout of his garage, putting a new spin on his space that is now perfectly suited to his activities and aspirations.

See the end result for yourself!

Check out the complete before-and-after transformation of Charles Ouimet’s garage in this video. Hear from the cyclist himself how satisfied he was with the workmanship and service provided by his local B-Protek franchisee.



A turnkey service for your garage makeover

The transformation of Charles Ouimet’s garage is just one example of what B-Protek can do to upgrade your space. With our full-service concrete resurfacing and storage solutions, we take charge of every step of the process, from planning to installation, to guarantee an updated garage that exceeds your expectations.

Discover our full-service garage storage solutions

If you’ve been dreaming of a garage conversion to create a space that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing, trust B-Protek to make your space more functional and more beautiful with our innovative shelving and cabinets.

Click here to start with a free estimate for your project – zero obligation! You can also book an appointment via email at or by telephone at 1.866.777.6835.

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