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Floor coatings are durable and protective coverings. They are usually applied to surfaces that are subjected to significant wear or corrosion.

With over a decade of experience in warehouse floor coating, B-Protek’s team is the one you want to hire for your project. We can install your epoxy flooring and give you impeccable results; it’s guaranteed.

Our specialists can also carry outany industrial floor coating project, no matter its scale. From the smallest warehouses to the biggest, we are up to the challenge and will give you the top-quality flooring your warehouse deserves.

Working with our team is as easy as 1,2,3! All you need to do is contact us, either by submitting a form directly from our website or by contacting your local B-Protek franchise. We will send one of our experts to your address to evaluate your project for free. Once you accept our submission, our work can begin! Our team is proud to offer highly professional customer service and flawless flooring results to warehouse owners.

We also understand the time constraints in warehouses and how challenging it can be to manage floor repairs while maintaining productivity. This is why we offer a flexible schedule to our customers, so we don’t get in the way of your daily activities too heavily.

We also understand that choosing a coating is not an easy choice to make. Our experts are available every day of the week if you need help selecting the right coating.

By choosing B-Protek for your warehouse floor coating project, you can also be assured that your floors will be 100% compliant with the national building code. We form our team through rigorous methods which ensure the best results and highest quality possible for your new floor coating.

Find out everything about our materials and service and why you should choose B-Protek as your floor specialist.

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A Selection of Top-Quality Warehouse Floor Coatings

B-Protek offers a selection of the most durable and waterproofcoatings for your floorings. We understand the needs and challenges of floorings in warehouses and offer coatings that’ll ensure your investment will last.

Until we meet, here is a list of coatings suggestions from our floor experts:

1- Polyurea with Flakes

While warehouse epoxy floorings are a popular option, we also suggest a polyurea with flakes coating. Polyurea coatings are highly resistant to temperature variation, are easy to clean, and are durable.

This material is also known for its flexibility. When temperatures change and the concrete moves, the coating follows the movements. This means that there is a significantly lower risk of cracking.

2- Warehouse epoxy floor coating

  • Metallic Epoxy: While we do not recommend metallic epoxy as your main warehouse epoxy floor coating, this material would be ideal for employees’ spaces, bathrooms, locker rooms, or office spaces. This type of coating adds a touch of modernity to any space it is added to. While it is popular for its elegance and style, it is also a durable, resistant, and easy-care material.
  • Solid Color Epoxy: Known for its rock-solid durability, solid color epoxy is one of the most favored materials in industrial and commercial spaces. Not only is this coating durable, resistant, watertight, and easy-care, but it’s also the most versatile floor coating. We offer it in an impressive range of colors, allowing you to customize your warehouse flooring to fit your needs.
  • Clear Epoxy: Do you prefer a less colorful floor with well-designed markings? Then we highly recommend a clear epoxy coating. This material enhances the natural beauty of concrete, but we can also paint safetylines and other markings upon it for easier organization of your warehouse.
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Why Should You Add Markings to Your Warehouse Floor?

For several reasons, warehouse floor safety lines are important, but the main one is for organization and identifying your warehouse’s risk or hazardous areas. Giving visual cues to your warehouse workers is an excellent solution to improve your warehouse’s safety and organization. Other advantages of adding markings to your warehouse floor coating are:

  • Divide spaces;
  • Outline workstations;
  • Indicate bulk storage locations;
  • Safety information;
  • Direct traffic (forklift, pedestrian pathways, etc.)

Whether or not you decide to add markings to your warehouse floor coating, it is important to note that these visual cues have been shown to improve warehouse efficiency. Moreover, it also helps workers navigate the warehouse.

Your employees will be able to find what they’re looking for quickly with directions on the floor. Also, directing traffic with safety lines reduces the risk of workplace accidents, such as forklift collisions.

Do not hesitate to discuss with B-Protek if you need to add safety lines to your warehouse flooring; we’ll be happy to help.

Entrust Your Warehouse Floor Coating Project to B-Protek!

If you are looking for a trustworthy company for your warehouse floor coating project, do not hesitate to contact us! We have the experience, equipment, and materials that meet the highest industry standards.

With our competent team dedicated to getting you satisfaction, you are assured that you’ll receive flawless results for your project. We’ll also gladly help you choose the most suitable material for your warehouse. Our experts will only suggest coatings that fit your needs, budget, and style.

Furthermore, we will gladly take on any challenge. No matter the size of your building and the scale of your project, B-Protek is ready to help. Give us a call today or fill the form available directly on our website!

An experienced member of our team will gladly answer all questions related to your project and send someone to your address for an estimate. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary delays and get your project started as soon as you need it.

Finally, we are proud of the service we offer and are confident in the quality of our work. Under the right conditions, our coatings can be guaranteed for up to 20 years.

If you have any comments or questions about our warehouse floor coating service, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly take your call and answer all of your questions and clear up any doubts you may have. For all your floor coating needs, choose B-Protek as your specialist!

Polyurea Coating

The Perfect Floor Coating

Positive impacts

After applying our concrete floor finish, you will immediately see a positive impact on your business. The interior space will be brighter, your health and safety performance will be world-class and your employees will have a rewarding workplace. Your visitors and customers will also be impressed. Making these changes is far from relaxing and requires a certain investment. But every morning, when you make your rounds of the plant, you’ll tell yourself that the effort was worthwhile.


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