We’re looking for Passionate Partners

With over fifteen years of experience in the field of painting and coating concrete surfaces, B-PROTEK is a young rapidly growing and dynamic company. We are already well established in Québec with 17 territories in operation under the Béton Surface brand. In order to introduce its garage, outdoor and indoor floor finishing services throughout Canada, B-PROTEK is offering you one or more of its available territories.

Are you:

  • a born entrepreneur?
  • respectful and want to offer impeccable customer service?
  • dynamic and ready to overcome all obstacles?
  • rigourous and well organized
  • challenges and improving yourself constantly
  • committed to exellence
  • teamworker



Many reasons to take on a
B-PROTEK floor coating franchise:

  • You own your own business
  • You are independent and you manage financial and operational processes yourself
  • You start your business with a respected and well structured Quebec based brand
  • Your advertising, marketing strategies, and website are already developed
  • The supply chain is already in place
  • You benefit from proven techniques as well as initial and continuous training
  • You enjoy high-quality technical and operational assistance
  • We work hand in hand to maximise your success
  • A unique network of partners
  • A range of exclusive and high-quality products
  • A system of structures that facilitates the effective management of its business to achieve operational and financial goals
    • Complete Training on how to operate the equipment, customer service and overall management of the franchise
    • Call Center Service
    • Quotations and Invoices Management Application

Values that lead to success

We are a modern franchisor who likes to be surrounded by talented business partners. We structure our business relationship so talent can be recognized and used for the continuous improvement of our business model.

Vision : To be the uncontested leader in concrete flooring solutions to the eyes of Canadian consumers.

Mission : Build trust, one customer at a time.

Values : Respect, attentiveness, rigor and commitment.


How much will you need to invest?*

Between $93 500 to $110 000

We offer a turnkey concept that includes:

  • $30 000 – Franchise fees – Exclusive right to operate in your territory
  • $63 500 to $80 000 for:
    • Complete training (including travels and meals)
    • Inventory products and working capital
    • Opening marketing campaign
    • Equipment
    • Vehicle insignia
    • Permits
    • Accounting and legal fees
    • Miscellaneous cost
    • Down payment for institutional financing purposes

*Warning – This information is for discussion purposes only. The franchisor makes no representations to the franchisee about start-up costs, sales, turnover, expenses or profits. The franchisee’s success depends on many factors including, but not limited to, the franchisee’s experience, management skills, employee skills, competition, weather, demand patterns, economic conditions, hours of operation, customer service, site cleanliness, and so on. The franchisor and its employees and officers do not assume any liability whatsoever.

production b protek

Steps towards your franchise opportunity :

  1. Complete Interest Form (B-PROTEK web site, Franchise show, other sources)
  2. Receive a general information document
  3. Group or Individual information meeting
  4. Confirm your interest in our business model by receiving our Full Disclosure Document (FDD) for a 14 days review.
  5. Review Disclosure Document-14 days
  6. Complete Franchise Request Form
  7. Due Diligence period for Franchisor and Franchisee
  8. Headquarter meeting with development specialist operational team and selection comitee
  9. Deposit Agreement with Deposit to reserve territory
  10. Become a B-ProTek Partner by signing the Franchise Agreement
  11. Set-up your Business
  12. Complete Training
  13. Operations Start-Up
équipe b protek réunion

They have chosen to become ambassadors of the B-PROTEK brand

We are both entrepreneurs and work well with our hands. We wanted a new challenge and with B-PROTEK, we are well served!


We’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit. B-PROTEK has allowed us to grow through a common passion


Want to learn more about owning your B-PROTEK Franchise?

You have the interest and the necessary funds to become a B-ProTek franchisee? You made the decision to go forward? Do not hesitate to call or write us for an appointment. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

When it comes to floor quality, we like to believe there is no ceiling.

“They gave us a remarkable customer experience: courtesy, professionalism and a concern for our needs.”