Can sealer be removed from stamped concrete?

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Are you looking to make changes on your concrete floors? Can sealer be removed from stamped concrete? It is important that you call a professional company for advice. We suggest you ask companies that install stamped concrete to provide you with solutions to remove your sealer.

How to remove sealer from stamped concrete?

When it is combined with the appropriate sealer, concrete can easily withstand UV and water damage. It can also withstand wear and tear coming from long-term use, as well as abrasions, and exposure to different elements and cleaning chemicals.

What to do to remove concrete sealer from floors?

One needs to make sure the old sealer is completely removed before applying the new one. That type of skill requires professionals who are properly trained in the matter. Step by step, our experts will remove the coats of sealer from stamped concrete easily and with care, without damaging your floor.

The sealer can be removed mechanically or chemically. The former makes a lot of noise, and it can easily damage the concrete. Therefore, we opt for the chemical stripping, which is safer, less noisy and less damaging to your floors.

The goal is to remove the sealer without causing any damages to your floor or your health. Try as much as possible to respect the environmental impact this may produce.

Pull out sealer from concrete floors

Chemicals are used to remove any type of sealer from concrete floors occasionally. There are various choices on the market and unfortunately some of the chemicals can damage your concrete surfaces and other floors.

One of those chemicals is muriatic acid, which we do not recommend since it can damage your health, your pets and your plants.

Can sealer be removed from stamped concrete? Contacting experts will do the work.

Is there an ideal product for removing concrete sealer?

The company PROSOCO has created an amazing seal removal that can be found here. It was developed with the sole goal of removing sealers from concrete floors.

It can remove the toughest seals from many surfaces such as garage floors, concrete patios, driveways, and other types of concrete.

Furthermore, it is also VOC-compliant and poses no danger to your health since it is easily biodegradable. The compound is also rinseable using hot water, and it will not affect the colour of your concrete.

Concrete penetrating sealer and its advantages

If you are looking to protect a concrete-based surface, then a concrete sealer is your best choice. It makes the floor waterproof, and it protects its natural look. At B-Protek, we are experts in floor coating, especially the hard surfaces such as your garage floor. Thanks to our expertise, you get amazing results along with exceptional customer care.

6 Reasons to seal your concrete slab

There are many reasons to seal your concrete slab, namely:

  1. The floor will be cleaner
  2. Maintenance will be easy (high-pressure washing)
  3. Concrete will be better protected
  4. A brighter environment
  5. A good time to repair
  6. Avoid coating failure

At B-Protek we specialize in providing you with a custom floor resurfacing solution that fits your lifestyle needs. If you have an existing concrete surface that needs revamping or if you are looking for a long term alternate solution to stamped concrete, contact us for expert advice.

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