Concrete sealer is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to protect a concrete-based surface. Its proper application preserves the natural look of concrete while  making it waterproof.

Why Should You Seal Your Concrete Slab ?

  • Your floor will be cleaner

Most people don’t realize that the majority of the dust that settles on objects comes from the bare concrete itself. It slowly breaks down into microscopic dust particles every time you walk on it. By sealing your concrete slab, it will be easier for you to keep your space clean.

  • Maintenance will be easy

By applying a sealer, cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or a pressure washer will be simple because the floor won’t be porous. In other words, the sealer is one of the best solutions to make concrete slab maintenance easier.

  • Concrete will be better protected

Leaking water, oil or gasoline can damage a bare concrete surface. In other hands, the floors covered with concrete sealer will be less affected by these spills. Sealed concrete floors are also more resistant to the mold and salt and limestone deposits than bare concrete.

  • A brighter environment

One of the first things that people notice after the concrete has been sealed, is that the room is brighter. Bare concrete tends to absorb light instead of reflecting it, making basements feel dark and unsafe . With a sealer, you don’t have these effects.

  • A good time to repair

Usually, the concrete slab cracks in some places after a few years. Applying a concrete sealer is an ideal opportunity to seal cracks.



Natural beauty of concrete

Concrete sealer compounds keep the natural beauty of concrete, giving your spaces a sought-after industrial look.


Easy to maintain

Floors covered with a concrete sealer require very little maintenance. Whether you’re using a mop or a vacuum, you’ll love having a clean floor with so little effort.

Polyaspartic Design by B-Protek

The Perfect Garage Floor

Why choose a concrete sealer?


The benefits of installing a concrete sealer on your floor, and especially when it comes to garage flooring.

Seals and protects bare concrete surfaces: with this concrete sealer, Chloride ion penetration, rain, and water damage will no longer be a problem. Liquids bead to make cleaning easier on the impermeable surface condition.

Easy to apply: our flooring experts are trained to apply this concrete sealer flawlessly. You only need to allow proper dry time before application.

Quick drying time: the ease of application lets you get back to your normal activities after 24 hours with this fast drying concrete sealer.

Non-flammable: do not be afraid to use this sealant in an industrial environment where flames are used in your business practices.

UV resistant: unlike other types of flooring, concrete sealer will not turn yellow when exposed to direct sunlight.

Abrasion resistance: ideal as a covering in basements where there is a lot of coming and going, thus maximizing stain resistance.

Available in gray or transparent: this concrete sealer is available in 2 shades to meet your needs.

Industrial look: with high solids content, this sealer gives an industrial look to your floors as it brings out the natural finish and beauty of concrete.


The installation of a concrete sealer is gaining in popularity, as it is a simple and effective solution to extend the life of a concrete floor, thus eliminating any long-term damage.

Residential: any homeowner wishing to have a durable coating and protective film can seal the concrete slab in their basement. The smooth texture is considered a perfect choice for a hard-wearing substrate.

Commercial: Commercial and industrial uses are limitless. You can use it to cover floors in retail stores, factories, warehouses, car showrooms, kennels, commercial garages, office buildings, schools, or any other easy to clean surface. Depending on use, it may be necessary to reapply the sealant each year.

If you are unsure whether this flooring is the right one for you, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.


Step 1 : wash the surface intensively and let it dry.

Step 2 : repair all cracks on the concrete surface.

Step 3 : if necessary, resurface the entire concrete slab to make it even for an efficient coverage rate.

Step 4 : apply 2-3 coats of concrete sealer.

For a compliant and durable concrete sealer, it is strongly recommended that you call experienced professionals for the installation of this type of product. Our specialists are trained for this type of floor covering and have the right tools to perform a high quality job.


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