Radio Host Martin Tremblay’s Garage Transformation

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Martin Tremblay, radio host of LE BOOST! on ÉNERGIE 94.3, had a vision for his new home in Estrie, QC: to convert his garage into a warm and functional extension of the house. The first step of this ambitious garage transformation project was tackling the concrete floor and finding a hard-wearing yet aesthetic concrete coating.

Transform your garage with polyaspartic

For his garage floor renovation, Martin decided on polyaspartic resurfacing with vinyl flakes, a versatile material known for its exceptional durability. He also opted for Darkside color flakes to add a personalized touch to his space.

 The garage: an extension of your home

Martin’s goal was clear: to make his garage more than just a parking space. He wanted to create a room that was both functional and beautiful, down to every last detail. Polyaspartic resurfacing was the obvious choice, providing a surface that’s robust as well as visually appealing and timeless.

Nothing beats a trusted brand

This radio host knew his best bet for his garage remodeling was to call in the professionals to ensure an impeccable finished product that would extend the life of his concrete flooring. The experts at B-Protek took care of every step of the process, from careful preparation to precise application of the polyaspartic coating.

A clean house right down to the garage floor

One of Martin’s top priorities was a garage clean enough to walk barefoot on the floor without a trace of concrete dust. Polyaspartic resurfacing makes indulging in this luxury possible by providing a smooth, low-maintenance surface to help keep your space clean and tidy.

Garage transformation – taking your concrete from ordinary to extraordinary

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos of the B-Protek team on the job. The original slab was in good condition and only required a few repairs after the existing sealer was sanded. Then the base coatings and clear coatings were applied.

Martin Tremblay's Garage Transformation

See the final result of Martin Tremblay’s garage transformation in this short video, where he tells us himself how satisfied he was with the results!

The end result

Martin Tremblay’s garage remodel not only enhanced the appearance of the space but made it more functional as well. The garage is now a natural extension of his home that reflects his active lifestyle while adding to the overall value of his Estrie property. Choosing polyaspartic resurfacing is the way to go for improved hardiness and a fresh look. B-Protek fulfilled Martin’s dream of an exceptionally welcoming garage.

When do we start?

Are you ready to take the leap and get started on your own renovation project? Curious what the best resurfacing option would be for your space?

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