Maripier Morin’s Garage and Front Porch Transformation

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Maripier Morin‘s garage and porch makeover was a remarkable project, transforming these spaces into more functional and attractive areas. Read on to see how this renovation completely upgraded her concrete slabs, enhancing both the value and appearance of her home.

The garage saga

Maripier Morin’s garage has a history of challenges: clogged drains, DIY epoxy mishaps, cracks in the flooring, insulation problems and heat loss – to name a few. Eventually, calling in the concrete resurfacing professionals was a must.

The B-Protek team came to the aid of Quebec WKND’s morning radio host, rescuing both her concrete garage slab and the front porch of her home.

A spectacular before-and-after

Garage transformation

The team began the garage makeover by removing the existing epoxy, which had warped and bubbled due to humidity in the slab. The drainage slope in the concrete had to be reshaped, along with all problem areas levelled. Our experts then repaired the cracks and prepped the concrete surface for the new coating application. 

A polyaspartic coating with vinyl flakes was applied, resulting in a flawless finish. New flooring not only improves the overall appearance of the garage, but also increases the concrete slab’s  resistance to chemicals and abrasions, while also being easy to clean.

Garage Transformation Carrousel

Transformation of the front porch

Maripier Morin’s front porch also received an impressive makeover. The age-worn concrete was covered with crumbling carpet, and visible cracks were repaired and leveled to create a solid base. The choice of cladding to match that of the garage helped maintain an aesthetic coherence between the two spaces. Thanks to these improvements, the front porch has become a welcoming and elegant space, enhancing the home’s visual appeal at first glance.

See the transformation in the video below:

Choice of flake colour

The choice of flooring flake colour played a crucial role in the final stage of the renovation. The shades were carefully chosen to match the architectural and vintage style of Maripier Morin’s home. The flakes not only add an interesting visual dimension, but also contribute to the flooring’s strength and durability. The MOX mocktails co-founder selected the shade “Bean:” a combination of varying shades of beige and brown, which blended perfectly with the colours of the exterior cladding.


The transformation of Maripier Morin’s garage and porch shows that calling the pros can be more cost-effective in the long run, saving time and money that could be spent fixing DIY mistakes. Thanks to our expert team’s meticulous repairs, savvy colour and cladding choices, and an impeccable finish, these spaces now boast high resistance to damage, easy maintenance and undeniable visual appeal.

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