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Do You Have a Restaurant Floor Coating Project? Contact B-Protek!

B-Protek’s flooring specialists are ready to help with your restaurant epoxy floor coating project. With over a decade of experience installing, repairing, and coating floors, we are the best team for your project. You can trust our experts to bring your restaurant flooring to the next level with a seamless surface and impeccable finish. 

Your restaurant’s floor is a key piece of your interior design. The flooring can make or break the general aesthetic of your design. However, with the help of a specialist like B-Protek, we will ensure your investment will not go to waste. No matter the scale of your project, our experts will provide you with a fast, professional, exemplary service.

Our pride is to provide restaurant owners with a flooring service that meets their expectations. We make sure to listen to every request, as we understand each restaurant is unique. If you are looking for the best company to trust your commercial epoxy floor coating project to, you can trust B-Protek. Find out everything about our service, starting with our top-quality materials.

The Best Epoxy Coatings on the Market

Epoxy coatings come in various types. You can choose between several flooring options for restaurants, such as clear epoxy, metallic epoxy, or solid color epoxy. We also have an option for a restaurant non-slip floor coating if you need, and for added safety.

All of our materials have been carefully selected according to three key principles, which we believe to be most important for restaurant owners. Our coatings are durable, resistant, and aesthetic. 

Our team also understands how hard it can be to choose the right restaurant epoxy floor coatings. We are available every day of the week during our opening hours if you need help. We’ll make sure to find the product that meets your needs, budget, and taste.

Find out more about our top-quality epoxy coatings below:

  • Metallic Epoxy: If you want to give your restaurant floor a new shine or want something eye-catchy, metallic epoxy is an excellent option. This stylish, modern coating is sure to enhance your dining room’s design and please both your employees and customers. This material is also easy to clean, durable and resistant. It is the perfect choice if you want to dress your floor in style!
  • Solid Color Epoxy: Epoxy is already known for its rock-solid durability, but it’s also a restaurant owner’s favorite because of how easy it is to customize it. We offer it in a wide array of colors, so you can match it to your decor easily.
  • Clear Epoxy: Transparent epoxy is also an excellent solution if you want a floor that’ll never go out of style. Its classic design enhances concrete natural beauty. Like all epoxy coating, it’s also easy to clean, durable and resistant.
restaurant epoxy floor coating

Choose B-Protek to Install your Restaurant Epoxy Floor Coating

Our team has the know-how, experience, and coatings that meet the highest industry standards. For more than a decade, we have been coating floors for the food industry across the entire country. We can help you choose the right materials and give you the best results possible.

We are convinced about the quality of our work, which is why we can, under certain conditions, guarantee the floors for up to 20 years.

Restaurant owners shouldn’t worry either about scheduling, as our team is more than happy to accommodate. We work on a flexible schedule to interfere as little as possible with your commercial activities.

If you have any questions about our restaurant epoxy floor coating service, contact us. Our team is pleased to provide restaurant owners with professional service and impeccable results.

Polyurea Coating

The Perfect Floor Coating

Solution for restaurants

For restaurants, B-PROTEK suggests its new line of epoxy products with a metallic finish. This is a totally different look that produces an immediate WOW effect. You’ll get a steady stream of positive comments about your commercial concrete flooring from your customers. The colours, effects, and patterns are infinite and go well with any decor. Talk to our representatives to find out about all the different possibilities.

The technique for the metallic finish is different. We start by grinding the concrete surface. We then apply a coat of metallic epoxy with one or several colours. It is also possible to make different patterns by using masking tape. The final step involves applying a coat of epoxy with the desired gloss level.


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