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When it comes to epoxy coating colors, there is an endless palette of possibilities for transforming any space. At B-Protek, we understand the importance of choosing colors for durable, aesthetic flooring that fits your lifestyle. Let’s explore together the different shades and benefits offered by our epoxy floor coatings.

Factors That Influence The Choice Of Colors

Choosing the color for your epoxy floor often depends on different factors. Some people prefer classic colors, others look for bright or metallic shades, or more neutral shades. Each option has its own advantages.

Classic Epoxy Coating Colors

Classic colors such as gray, beige or white are timeless and easily adapt to various decors. They provide a neutral base, ideal for creating a versatile and elegant space.

Bright Epoxy Coating Colors

For those who want to bring a bold touch to their space, bright colors such as red, blue or green can be an interesting choice. They add personality and dynamism to the room. The addition of a metallic mica can also give a very interesting three-dimensional effect.

Benefits Of Lighter Colors

Lighter shades have the advantage of making spaces brighter by reflecting more natural light. They also give a sense of size to the room, ideal for smaller spaces.

Neutral Epoxy Shades

Neutral shades, like taupe or sand, provide a balance between simplicity and elegance. They can harmoniously complement any decoration style. Solid color epoxy is also an option considered by customers looking for simplicity and neutrality in their decor.


epoxy coating colors


Why Choose B-Protek For Your Epoxy Floor Coating?

When you choose B-Protek, you choose unrivaled quality for your epoxy floor coverings. Find out what makes us famous.

Durability of our products

Our epoxy products are designed to last. Resistance and robustness are at the heart of each formula, guaranteeing exceptional longevity of your coating.

Products resistant to stains and slips

Stain and slip resistance is a must for us. Our epoxy coatings provide an easy-to-clean surface and are formulated to ensure secure adhesion, giving you peace of mind.

Our expert tips for achieving a uniform finish

Our experts are here to help you achieve an impeccable and uniform finish. We share our tips and know-how to ensure that your epoxy floor is not only durable, but also aesthetically perfect.

Let’s Take Action!

For more information on our epoxy coating colors, get an instant quote for your project, without any commitment, by clicking here. To make an appointment with one of our experts, contact us by email at info@bprotek.ca or by phone at 1.866.7.PROTEK.

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