Why not use epoxy in your garage? The 6 reasons

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Epoxy floor coatings have been used extensively for many years for various commercial and industrial projects. While known for its versatility, many people wrongly assume that epoxy can be used for garage floors or driveways.

The following article will explore why it’s best not to use epoxy coatings for your garage flooring.

Epoxy Requires a Few Days to Cure Completely

Epoxy requires specific application techniques and can take up to a whole week to set. This extended drying period isn’t optimal as dust and contaminants can get into the coating.

In addition, homeowners must manage the logistics of moving all of their garage material for this extended period, which isn’t practical.

Winter Epoxy Application Struggles

Epoxy does not do well in cold weather or in very hot weather. Indeed, the complex application process of epoxy requires temperature conditions below 32 degrees. Using epoxy for your garage flooring is not a good idea if you live in a climate consisting of different seasons.

Why Not Use Epoxy In Your Garage?

Using epoxy to cover a specific type of flooring, such as a garage floor, isn’t the best idea because epoxy’s chemistry isn’t meant to resist the exterior elements which may lead to adhesion issues over time. Chipping, peeling and delamination will most likely occur.

POOR Flexibility

Epoxy has poor flexibility, meaning it doesn’t do well in drastic temperature changes where it must constantly expand and shrink. This will further affect the adhesion to the concrete surfaces and thus result in chipping or peeling.

Epoxy Isn’t UV Stable

Why shouldn’t you use epoxy for your entire floor in your garage? Because epoxy is sensitive to UV exposure. Given the frequent light exposure of garages via windows or simply from leaving the door open, having an epoxy-covered floor could result in the coating fading or becoming yellow after time.

In addition, epoxy isn’t favorable to warm climates or direct sun exposure. If you live in a warm climate and use your garage to store valuable items or your car, the heat and friction with your hot tires might lead to the epoxy peeling off and sticking to various items.

Mistakes In Epoxy Application are Frequent

As discussed above, epoxy requires specific temperatures and techniques for a unified and professional application. Ensure application is made by a professional with many years of experience and that the application conditions are optimal.

B-Protek’s Difference

With more than 10 years of experience, B-Protek’s expertise is unmatched. Whether you’re looking for metallic epoxy, solid colored epoxy or a clear epoxy concrete coating, our experts will assist you in choosing the optimal floor coating based on your needs, goals and budget.

Our knowledge applies to residential, commercial and industrial projects. We understand Canada’s unique climate and guarantee long-lasting results. Let us help you choose your garage floor coating.

For more information on our processes and materials, feel free to contact our team with any questions.


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