Clear Epoxy Versus Concrete Sealer: Which One Is The Best?

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Clear epoxy versus concrete sealer: who wins when it comes to floor coating? To answer this question, we must first know the type of floor, the room where it will be installed, the use of this floor and a few other determining factors.

The Difference Between Epoxy and Concrete Sealer

Generally, clear epoxy is a great coating to install anywhere indoors. Whether your floor is residential, commercial or industrial, epoxy has long proven its durability and efficiency. However, it is not the number one choice when it comes to style or color choice.

In order to determine a winner in the clear epoxy versus concrete sealer race, let’s start by learning more about each one of them.

What is a clear epoxy?

A clear epoxy is a resin applied to a bare concrete slab in order to protect it against liquid damage including chemicals, frequent back and forth, and to make the surface durable as well as give it a shine.

Clear epoxy is easy to install in any room of the house and provides optimal protection for your floor. For example, in a dining room, you won’t have to worry about rubbing chairs or sauce spills. Clear epoxy is tough, durable, easy to maintain and almost perfectly waterproof.

It is also a coating with a unique appearance that highlights the natural beauty of concrete. Its style blends in with any type of decor.

What is a concrete sealer?

A concrete sealer is a protective coating applied to a bare concrete slab for the purpose of sealing it, preventing crumbling and retaining its natural beauty. It is important to know that a sealer is a temporary solution that will need to be reapplied after a few years.

Comparison Chart Between Epoxy and Sealer

Discover the characteristics that differentiate the two concrete floor finishes and which one is the most suitable depending on where it will be applied.

Details Clear Epoxy Concrete Sealer
Seals and protects bare concrete surfaces
Easy to maintain
Lets the natural beauty of concrete shine through

(wet concrete look)

(matte finish)

Durability ➕➕➕
Scratch resistant
Impact and abrasion resistant ➕➕➕
Drying time ➕➕➕

(few days)

(one day)

UV resistant 🚫

(UV protection available – extra)

Ideal for residential projects
Ideal for commercial projects 🚫
Pricing range 💲💲💲 💲

Which of the two finishes best suits my needs?

Read the statements below to better understand which floor coating between clear epoxy and concrete sealer best suits your residential or commercial needs.

Floor to cover: We recommend:
I am a homeowner who wants to prevent the crumbling of the concrete slab in my basement. Concrete Sealer
I am a restaurateur who wants to cover the concrete slab in the dining room of my restaurant. Clear Epoxy
I am a factory managerwho wants to protect the floors in my factory or warehouse. Clear Epoxy
I am a office landlord who wants to cover the floors of my office building. Clear Epoxy
I am a cottage owner who wants to protect the concrete slab on his floor to keep the natural concrete look. Concrete Sealer
I am a manager of a store or a showroom and I want to cover the floors to preserve them for a long time. Clear Epoxy

Start your concrete coating project

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