How often to apply concrete sealer?

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Have you been wondering how often to apply concrete floor sealer? Do you have surfaces that need concrete sealing? If you have any questions regarding concrete surfaces, B-Protek has all the answers for you. Our experts are ready to come to your home and set everything up for you, and you will enjoy your new glossy finish floors.

What is the purpose of sealing this type of sealer?

Obviously, there is a long list of huge benefits to sealing any surface type, whether interior or exterior surface:

  1. Pool decks
  2. Garage floors
  3. Concrete driveways
  4. Etc.)

Your entire surface will be cleaner

Every concrete surface has dust as an enemy. With every step and day that passes, dust settles into your concrete, and it can be real concrete damage. If you seal your concrete slab, it becomes quite easy to clean the surface. Therefore, it is not necessary to be impeccable.

Maintenance will be a piece of cake

Applying a penetrating sealer on concrete slab, automatically makes the floor easier to clean and by default, the maintenance becomes just as easier. A shop vacuum or a mop can be used for cleaning. Furthermore, a pressure washer, can also be used, as the sealed concrete floor is not a porous surface, and dust particles do not penetrate the concrete.

It adds a protective barrier to the floor

Unfortunately, every car has leaks! When it is parked in a garage, water, gasoline, oil or diesel can effectively leak and damage the surface of an unsealed concrete. Once sealed, the concrete doesn’t get damaged by the leaks, and it is more resistant to salts, mold, mildew and any sort of limestone particles. Concerning your exterior surfaces, there can also be damage due to the sun or any weather conditions.

The whole space will be brighter

You should see how a sealed concrete adds brightness to a room. It is quite a sight because of the nature of the seal. The way it works is that an unsealed concrete absorbs light, and it doesn’t reflect it. Whereas a sealed concrete will reflect light, rendering the room and the floor brighter!

What are the advantages of concrete sealer?

It highlights a natural finish

By its definition and composition, a coat of sealer underlines the concrete’s natural beauty, effortlessly and allows the surface to look shiny and clean.

Maintenance is extremely easy

One of the main advantages of a concrete sealer! It makes the floor shiny and easy to clean, therefore requiring little maintenance. A shop vacuum or a mop will do a fantastic job when it comes to cleaning.

Is the curing process long?

For a concrete sealer effective dry time, it takes any time between 1 and 3 hours and that applies to various types of concrete sealers such as topical sealers or penetrating sealers, which can take 48 and 24 hours to dry, respectively.

Applying sealer coats to surfaces requires special tools and application techniques, contact us today at B-Protek and let us help you with your inquiries. Our expertise and excellent customer care are the reasons you will get an accurate answer.

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