Floor Coating: How To Choose It Wisely?

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Whether you own a dentist’s office, a restaurant or any other business, choosing a commercial floor coating is more complex than it seems. You must choose it according to your decor, its aesthetics, but also its durability.

Rest assured, the concrete trend is still just as popular. However, a concrete waiting room may not be what you envisioned for commercial flooring. That is why the flooring experts at B-Protek offer you this practical guide to help you choose the ideal floor coating to cover your commercial floor in Canada.

Discover all our suggestions, the different floor coverings, their advantages and why it is important to apply a coating to your concrete floors.

The commercial floor coating varies according to the type of business

Each industry is unique. It is obvious that an office space will have a different style of floor coating than a restaurant or a clothing store. The same goes for interior floors versus exterior floors. A restaurant terrace floor will therefore be different from the interior floor.

Now discover the different types of flooring available to you for covering a commercial floor.

Floor Coating Materials and their Advantages

Here is a short list of materials of choice, as well as their advantages, to cover your commercial floors.

Polyurea with flakes

We particularly recommend polyurea with flakes as an exterior floor covering, but it is versatile and is also suitable for interior spaces such as offices, hallways or waiting rooms. This coating offers optimal resistance against temperature variations and follows the concrete during ground movements.

Metallic epoxy

Metallic epoxy is a perfect match for retail businesses, boutiques and restaurants thanks to its modern look and ease of maintenance. For a highly aesthetic, durable and resistant floor, opt for metallic epoxy.

Solid color epoxy

Recognized for its unfailing durability, epoxy is perfect for industrial environments or for any commercial owner wishing to personalize his floor to the maximum. Versatile, it is offered in a wide range of colors, styles and finishes.

Transparent epoxy

Fans of the industrial or concrete style will be delighted to learn that they have this option with transparent epoxy. Durable, resistant, easy to maintain and aesthetic, this material harmonizes perfectly with any type of business.

The Criteria to Take Into Account for your Commercial Floor Covering

To determine the best type of floor coating for your business, take the time to identify your needs. Here are some criterias that will help you make a well-considered decision:

  • Type of traffic;
  • Risk of infiltration, humidity and flooding;
  • Sound insulation needs;
  • Soil maintenance needs;
  • Use of underfloor heating.

Do not hesitate to consult our floor coating experts if you need help determining which type of coating is ideal for your business.

How to choose the best commercial floor covering?

Since the floor is one of the first things your customers notice, it is crucial to choose a floor that represents you, but that will also be easy to maintain and durable.

Choosing the right flooring according to the needs of your business is therefore the best way to ensure you have a quality commercial floor.

Here are some suggestions for coverings depending on the type of floors to be covered.

Floor Coating for Restaurants

Aesthetics is good, but when you work in a restaurant, you also want to have a floor that is resistant in the dining room. For this reason, B-Protek suggests the use of metallic epoxy, which offers unique three-dimensional designs and deep glossy finishes.

Highly aesthetic, this floor will capture the attention of your customers and please your employees. As it is an epoxy floor, it offers the same properties of durability, water and shock resistance and aesthetics.

Another advantage of metallic epoxy is that it is very easy to maintain and very difficult to get dirty. Simple mild soap and warm water are more than enough for most tasks, as epoxy is a perfectly waterproof material. It is ideal as an interior restaurant floor covering.

Warning: Epoxy is not made for exterior floors. For an exterior deck coating, we recommend choosing a type of exterior coating, such as polyurea with flakes. Polyurea coatings are quality products that are just as aesthetic as they are durable. They therefore make it possible to avoid a problem of spalled concrete and will help you preserve the aesthetics of your terrace.

Floor Coating for Office Spaces

If you want to follow the trend and have a floor that is both aesthetic and durable, B-Protek suggests you opt for epoxy or polyurea with flakes.

What exactly is transparent concrete and why redo your commercial concrete floor? It is a floor covering that is as aesthetic as it is resistant. Unlike vinyl tiles or ceramic tiles, office chairs cannot scratch it because its epoxy finish is resistant to shocks and friction.

Its transparent finish is available from glossy to mate, and it adds an undeniable touch of aesthetics to any room to which it is added. It is one of the best choices for covering office spaces’ floors.

One of the many benefits of clear concrete flooring is that it is as durable as any epoxy floor. You will therefore be able to enjoy this crazy aesthetics and this unequaled resistance.

The Best Commercial Floor Coating

Solid color epoxy is the floor coating par excellence. This material is highly customizable, offered in a variety of colors, finishes and styles that help it blend in with any type of decor. Whether for a retail floor or a waiting room, solid color epoxy is, without a doubt, the most adaptive material on the market.

In addition to its highly customizable and aesthetic side, epoxy is an extremely resistant and durable floor covering. It is also very easy to maintain and you can add yellow safety lines, which also makes it a good choice for industrial settings.

Have you made your choice on a material for your commercial floor covering? If you have any other questions about commercial floor coating, do not hesitate to contact the B-Protek team today.


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