How long for concrete sealer to cure?

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Have you been looking to apply concrete sealer on the floors of your home? Do you have any questions regarding applying concrete sealer, which can be a tricky procedure?

Well, B-Protek is here to help you, through our many seasoned experts. How long for concrete sealer to cure? Contact us today, and we will help with your inquiry.

Why is it useful to seal a concrete slab ?

Who doesn’t want to protect their type of concrete surface, whether it would be interior or exterior surfaces? That’s why concrete sealer is an adequate solution. At B-Protek, we apply a penetrating sealer with ease, accuracy and professionalism to help preserve the surface’s natural look. Our expertise also helps to make the concrete resistant to water damage.

Contact us today, and we will do a proper assessment of your needs. Our experts will take care of everything from top to bottom for you. There are many benefits to sealing your exterior concrete slab, such as:

The floor will be cleaner.

Dust can be a tenacious enemy of concrete. Every time someone walks on a concrete slab where dust has settled,you will bring the dust stuck beneath your feet back into your home. However, once you have sealed the concrete slab, the surface will be easily cleaned. You won’t have to do a huge amount of extra cleaning over time!

It will be easy to maintain

Once a penetrating sealer is applied on your concrete slab, the surface will be easier to clean and therefore maintained. You could use a vacuum cleaner for the cleaning. Moreover, you could use a pressure washer since the concrete floor will not be porous and the dust particles won’t affect the concrete. A good type of sealer is by far the best solution to making the concrete slab easier to maintain.

Your floor will be protected

Cars leak lots of fluid, such as water, oil and even gasoline or diesel. Those substances can easily damage an unsealed concrete surface. When covered by a type of sealer, the spills will not affect the floor as much. Furthermore, sealed surface are more resistant to mold, salt damage and limestone particles.

It will brighten the environment

A sealed concrete automatically brightens the room, and it is an extremely enjoyable sight. Unsealed concrete absorbs light when sealed concrete reflect light, effectively brightening the floor and the room.

How long for concrete sealer to cure?

Concrete sealers dry time usually takes 1 to 3 hours. The time frame applies to different types of sealers, whether we are talking about penetrating or topical sealers. The former takes about 24 hours to dry and the latter can take up to 48 hours, given that drying is a process that is dependent on the room’s temperature, humidity and air quality.

The 2 advantages of our concrete sealer

  1. Enjoy the concrete’s natural beauty

Concrete sealers allow for the surface’s natural beauty to be maintained, and your floor will have an industrial look, proving sealing is useful and beneficial for your concrete floors.

  1. Easy to maintain

Once a concrete penetrating sealer is applied to your floor, the surface will need a minimum amount of maintenance. Cleaning your concrete floor will be a walk in the park, and you will enjoy how simple it is to maintain and clean.


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