How to apply water based concrete sealer?

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Are you looking how to apply water based concrete sealer? Then reach out to B-Protek. We have the right specialists, with the adequate experience and savoir-faire who can help you with sealing the concrete in your house, whether it is your garage floor or other interior or exterior surface. Contact us today and talk to us about your needs. We’ll create a custom-made solution for you!

How does this type of sealer work?

There are four steps to applying water-based concrete sealer:

  • Step 1: wash the concrete surface with intensity and let it dry afterward
  • Step 2: proceed to repair any crack on the concrete surface
  • Step 3: when necessary, polish again the whole concrete slab for it to be even for a high and efficient coverage rate
  • Step 4: apply two to three coats of concrete sealer to the surface

In order for the concrete to be compliant and durable, we strongly recommend you call seasoned professionals, so they can do the installation properly. This type of product needs a thorough process for the installation to work. At B-Protek, our specialists have the adequate training and the right tools to apply this type of floor covering professionally.

If you want to know how to apply water-based acrylic sealer, contact us today.

Why Should You Seal Your Concrete Slab?

Your floor will be cleaner

The dust that accumulates on objects comes directly from the bare concrete. Moreover, it breaks into minuscule, microscopic dust particles every time someone steps on the concrete. Therefore, if you put coats of sealer in your concrete slab, it becomes easier to keep your floor clean.

Maintenance becomes easy

When you apply a water-based sealer, doing the cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or even a pressure washer becomes easier since the floor won’t be porous at all. In the end, the sealer is one of the most sought out solutions to making the concrete slab maintenance easier.

Concrete will be better protected

In a garage, since that’s where people park their cars, leaks from water, oil or gasoline damage the bare concrete surface. Once the latter is covered with concrete sealer the spills will have a lesser effect. Moreover, sealed concrete floors tend to be more resistant to mold and salt.

A brighter environment

One of the benefits of sealing the concrete, it makes the room brighter. The concrete doesn’t reflect light; it actually absorbs it, which gives basements that dark color and feeling. Once a sealer is applied, the room becomes brighter!

A good time to repair

Like any other surface, the concrete slab starts getting cracks in various places over the years. Therefore, applying a concrete sealer is ideal to seal all the cracks.

Why choose a concrete sealer product?

10 benefits of Water

There are many benefits to applying water-based acrylic sealer, such as:

  1. Seals and protects bare concrete surfaces
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Quick drying time
  4. Matte finish
  5. Chemical resistance
  6. Non-flammable
  7. UV resistance
  8. Stain resistance
  9. Available in grey or transparent
  10. Industrial floor look

To see more advantages, the magazine Concrete Decor wrote an article about pros and cons of water-based acrylic concrete sealers and answers to questions that can be asked frequently by people.

The concrete sealer is highly recommended.

As time goes by and the advantages of the concrete sealer are more known by the public, more people choose to install concrete sealer in their garages. In fact, it is a simple and quite effective solution to extend the lifespan of a concrete floor and limiting long-term damages with a natural finish.

The water-based sealer is used for residential and commercial purposes. That means that homeowners and business owners can both add the coating to make the concrete slab surfaces of their homes or businesses more resistant, more colorful and less susceptible to damages.

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