The Efflorescence of Concrete: Dangers and Solutions

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Concrete efflorescence is a serious problem. These white spots are not harmless and are a sign that it’s time to take care of your concrete.

Rest assured, every problem has a solution. Before any renovations that could damage your garage floor, check out our handy little guide on efflorescence.

Find out all the dangers along with some smart tips for recognizing concrete efflorescence quickly. We also offer you solutions to protect your concrete against this problem.

Whether for you or your concrete, prevention is better than cure!

What is Concrete Efflorescence?

Concrete efflorescence is when you can see white spots on the surface. These white spots are caused by calcium rising to the surface with moisture, a sign that there is too much moisture under the slab. This can be caused by the proximity of the water table or the presence of damaged drains or pipes that are leaking.

How Do You Deal With an Efflorescence Problem?

There are many solutions to solve a concrete efflorescence problem. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of sealing the concrete before they even identify the source of the problem. Even with a good sealant, it may peel off if the problem is not corrected at the source.


1. Identify the source of the problem

Before you even think about cleaning up stains and adding flooring, you’ll need to find the source of the moisture. Without this step, you are spending time and energy fixing a problem that will come back.

We therefore strongly recommend that you call in specialists to identify the root cause and control the source of moisture.

2. Cleaning or Grinding

The second step is to clean the efflorescent affected surface of the concrete with muriatic acid. Of course, you can also grind the surface until all the white spots are gone. When you’ve got rid of those stains, it’s time to move on to step three.

3. Installation of a floor covering

When the previous steps have been completed, you can proceed to protect your concrete. For your garage floors, we strongly suggest opting for polyurea with flakes. This strong and durable coating is waterproof; it will adequately protect your concrete from the water on the surface for many years to come.

A vapor barrier membrane can sometimes be installed under the polyurea with flake coating, under certain conditions, if the floor is only slightly damp and the efflorescence problem has been identified. Depending on the humidity level and the water source, these membranes reduce the chances of polyurea peeling.

For any questions regarding concrete efflorescence or to take advantage of B-Protek’s professional coating installation service, contact us. We are proud to help you protect your concrete with coatings of exceptional quality.


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