Garage Flooring in Winnipeg: How to Clean Epoxy?

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Are you looking for the best way to clean your epoxy garage flooring in Winnipeg? Don’t worry; B-Protek’s floor experts are ready to help.

The maintenance of an epoxy garage floor isn’t something expensive or time-consuming. Epoxy is relatively easy to care for, which is why it is one of the most popular options in the flooring market. This, combined with its rock-solid durability, makes clear epoxy one of the best flooring solutions for your garage.

Although this material is watertight and shock-resistant, it is still possible to damage it. Fortunately, there are also a few solutions to maintain it in great condition and help it last as long as 20 years

To help you keep your epoxy garage flooring in Winnipeg in pristine condition, here are 4 judicious pieces of advice from our garage floor experts.

Dust-Off your Garage Flooring in Winnipeg

Our first advice might sound simple, but it’s one that’s far too often neglected. The garage isn’t really the kind of room you show to guests, so dusting is often forgotten or pushed back later. Unfortunately, certain epoxy types tend to attract dust, which can damage the surface’s shine in the long term. 

Epoxy floors have a smooth, uniform surface, making sweeping or vacuuming relatively easy. Even if epoxy is hard to crack, the best way to keep its shiny, glossy look is to sweep regularly. We recommend at least once or twice a week to ensure your epoxy garage floor maintains its neat, smooth look.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Products At All Cost

One of the golden rules of epoxy care is to be careful about which products you use to clean. Even if high-quality epoxy concrete is chemical resistant, it is highly recommended you avoid abrasive or acidic products. These can damage epoxy and leave residues on the surface. The best way to clean an epoxy garage flooring in Winnipeg is to use a mop, warm water, and soft soap. Most stains go away quickly because of the smooth texture of epoxy. 

However, if there is a slightly more stubborn stain, we recommend using a mixture of ammonia and water. We also do not encourage heavy scrubbing as it could damage epoxy. 

Garage Flooring in Winnipeg: Never Ignore a Crack

No matter how small, no matter how thin, a crack is a crack, and it is a weakness for your garage floor. Epoxy is hard to crack, but water can get in and damage your flooring further once cracked. Whenever you take the time to clean your epoxy coatings, we highly recommend checking for cracks. If you find one, it is important to take care of it as soon as possible.

Protect Your Floor

On top of sweeping, mopping, and checking for cracks, you could also find ways to protect your garage floor. In that line of thought, our experts have two suggestions. To protect your garage flooring in Winnipeg, you could invest in a floor sealer. Sealers add another layer of protection to your concrete floor and help you keep your floor in good health. 

Rugs in strategic places will add to your decoration and protect your concrete coating. It might not be as effective as a sealer, but it works well to protect against weight and shocks that could damage your epoxy garage flooring.

If you need more help cleaning an epoxy garage flooring in Winnipeg, contact us. Our team will be happy to help.


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