Do concrete expansion joints need to be sealed ?

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Concrete flooring is probably the most simple floor you could have in your house. If not exposed to the outdoors, it will be protected from many dangers that lead to deterioration. However, your expansion joints and concrete need a little bit more care thanmay appear. In fact, your whole concrete surfaces might need extra caution if you don’t protect it by properly sealing it from the elements.

What is an expansion joint?

As concrete dries, it can shrink irregularly and put at risk your whole concrete slab of breaking apart. An expansion joint is a full-width cut that allows the concrete to expand and contract without cracking randomly. It allows the whole concrete slab to move without straining certain parts more than others, by isolating different parts of it. A good sealant will also reduce the risk of your concrete surfaces breaking while drying.

Why use a sealing compound?

The sealer will protect your brand-new concrete surfaces from various types of damage. The top 3 you may encounter if you don’t seal it are chips, scratches and stains. Also, cleaning your concrete floor will be much easier for you since it will now have a nice smooth look instead of a rough and porous one. The most important step in keeping your floors in good condition for a long time is the sealing of concrete floors.

Household chemicals can discolor and damage unsealed concrete pretty easily. Don’t forget that concrete is a porous material that absorbs liquids and while in cooler climates (such as summer with A/C and winter), the expansion of frozen liquid can literally destroy the surface of your concrete slab.

Concrete sealant : many design for your need 

Concrete sealants come in different colors for a wide range of designs that you will be able to choose according to your decor and styles. Never mind the unfinished or dirty look of a simple concrete floor, sealing it  will provide a beautiful top coat.

You can also decide which type of sealers you desire, while acrylic resins sealers and epoxy will add color and a high-gloss, wet-looking floor, water-based sealers will add a satin appearance. Of course, you could also go with a translucent or opaque tint, as well as a more matte or glossy finish.

Top 5 reasons to seal your concrete and its joints

Concrete sealing prevents water and surface contaminants, such as gasoline or waste oil, from entering the concrete or asphalt structure through expansion or contraction joints. Here are the 5 reasons to seal your concrete:

  1. It will protect your brand-new floor from various damages
  2. It will make the cleaning easier
  3. It will add lifetime to your concrete
  4. It will give a nice finished look to your floor
  5. It will protect the surface of your slab

How to seal your concrete and its joints?

You could of course do it yourself if you have the knowledge for it. Sealing your concrete expansion joints can be quite a job to do. You need to make sure the surface is ready to receive the sealing,apply it properly so it dries evenly and perfectly.

In most cases, the help of an expert is required to make sure that your concrete floor is taken good care of. Let’s be honest, we want your brand-new floor to last forever (or almost).

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