Spring Cleaning your Garage

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The time for the cleaning of your garage has come and you don’t know how to do it. Thanks to the valuable tips that we are ready to provide, you will finish this task, you thought would be a torture, in no time.

You are probably wondering how a company that specializes in flooring could provide you with relevant housekeeping and storage tips. Well, garages, we have seen several dozens of them since we started. As a reminder, prior to the installation of the epoxy, a careful preparation of the place upstream is necessary. Cleaning and storage are therefore part of the adventure. Our housekeeping and storage expertise was acquired in conjunction with our core business.


Planning is key

Choose a whole day where you can devote yourself entirely to the task. Start early in the morning and do not stop until work is finished.

Do not clean the garage several times! Many people mistakenly think that breaking down the task in more than one way is a way to motivate oneself, but often it is a pretext to be able to do something else and make the time for storage last longer.

Between adults you will be

We often suggest involving children in the garage cleaning, but we believe that they are an obstacle in the process. If you want to give them tasks, give them small things to do and reward everyone afterwards, for example by going to the restaurant.

Equip yourself with the cleaning kit

Make an inventory of what you have and what you should buy: garbage bag, cleaner, brooms, brushes, etc. So on the day of storage, you will be ready to clean the garage without interruption.


To do :

For a truly successful cleaning and storage, we offer the Konmarie method.

  • Gather all objects of the same category together.
  • For each of the objects ask yourself:
    • Does the article bring me joy?
    • Is the property useful?
    • Does the object work?
    • Does the property have a specific place to store?
  • If to all these questions, you answered yes, then keep the object. Otherwise throw it in a garbage bag.
  • Once finished sorting, clean the entire garage Store all objects in the same category together in the same place.

Don’ts :

Here is the list of things we do not recommend:

  • Keeping things “just in case” without having a clear plan to use them
  • Accumulate the gifts you do not use (like the pashmina yellow mustard) for fear of hurting the people who offered them to you
  • Keep things broken for a long time (we will never repair them)
  • Keep things you do not like just because they cost a lot

With these tips, we hope you can do a super spring cleaning in your garage.

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