With over 10 + years experience helping Winnipeg residents get the most pleasure out of their floors, B-Protek is a contractor you can trust with your epoxy flooring needs. Our team is specialized in all types of residential and commercial epoxy floor coating.

B-Protek accompanies you with excellent service and an exceptionally qualified team of floor specialists in the Winnipeg area. We offer our floor coating services in the city of Winnipeg and surrounding areas – including Winkler, MB.

Epoxy Flooring Winkler

Transform your floor with Epoxy

If you have a floor that could use a refresh, then epoxy flooring might be the solution. Contact us today and we’ll get your project started! You can get an instant quote online or request more information about our services.

If you prefer to speak with a member of our team, just give us a call during regular business hours. Call us to make an appointment. Our expert will come to your home for a free consultation with no obligation.

We know that many factors need to be taken into account when picking the type of coating. That’s why our team will help guide you through the process of choosing the right coating. If you are not sure which coating is best for your Winkler-based project, a member of our team will gather all the relevant information needed to make the right decision. We even offer a free on-site consultation! Why? Because we care about getting it right for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Epoxy Flooring in Winkler

Epoxy coating is an excellent solution for coating a new or refurbished commercial or residential floor. At B-Protek, we offer a range of epoxy solutions to suit your needs, from polyurea with flakes, metallic epoxy, epoxy solids, and clear epoxy concrete coating. Epoxy flooring in Winkler is commonly used in areas of the home with a cement floor.

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring


Epoxy has a high density, which means it is waterproof, non-porous, and stain & chemical resistant.


B-Proket epoxy floor coatings last 5 years – guaranteed.


Epoxy coating creates shiny surfaces and a bright, smooth finish. When combined with a layer of epoxy paint, you can cover over existing scrapes with a whole new, fully sealed, surface. A fresh floor wax or polishing keeps your floor looking glossy and new.


Given its resistance and durability, epoxy is a cost-effective way to finish or refurbish a cement floor.

Opt for Polyurea Flooring for Garage or Industrial Spaces

For commercial spaces like car garages or industrial spaces, we do recommend polyurea with flakes. Why? Because it is highly durable and resistant, while allowing a modern and clean look.

epoxy floor Winkler

Epoxy Flooring in Winkler: Why Choose B-Protek?

B-Protek is more than your average floor specialist. Over the past 10 years, we have provided concrete floor resurfacing solutions to a wide range of residential and commercial clients in greater Winnipeg and beyond. In every project we take on, we assure :


Our team of epoxy floor specialists will deliver an excellent coating and a top-quality experience from start to finish.


There is no more trusted name in Winnipeg than B-Protek for your epoxy floor coating Winkler needs.


Our team of specialists works efficiently – without compromising on quality – because we have experience and expertise. If you have any questions about how B-Protek serves residents of Winkler with quality epoxy floor coating services, request more information.

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