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Your flooring in Winnipeg is due for repairs? Contact B-Protek’s flooring experts to receive the best flooring service possible on the market. 

B-Protek has more than a decade of experience in the field and our expert team is dedicated to give you satisfaction. Our team specializes in garage floors, but we can work with all types of flooring in and out of your house, business, or industry. Our expertise allows us to work as efficiently with residential garage flooring projects than any other type of floor. 

Furthermore, our team is dedicated to providing you a top-quality service and results that meet your expectations. Our flooring experts were trained following rigorous work methods that respect the national building code of Canada 100%. Our mission is to offer our customers unparalleled peace of mind. When you choose our team to take care of your floors, you are sure that your floor is conforming and made to last. Our consulting experts are also available 7/7 if you have any questions for them.

We also have a selection of products that meet the highest industry standards. On top of our high-quality service, you can trust our materials to be resistant, durable, and aesthetic. Our consultants are also able to help you find the best product for your project while respecting your preferences, needs, and budget. 

Discover all the advantages of entrusting B-Protek with your flooring in Winnipeg.

Our Top-Quality Materials for Flooring in Winnipeg

  • Polyurea with Flakes: We highly recommend this product if you have a garage floor project in Winnipeg. This material is highly durable and resistant. It is also well-known for its high resistance to humidity, water, and temperature changes. In other words, polyurea with flakes is flexible enough to follow the concrete movements during ground freezing and thawing, which greatly reduces the risks of cracks. Polyurea is also resistant to a majority of chemicals found in the garage, as well as being easy to maintain.
  • Metallic Epoxy: Metallic epoxy is a unique material that enhances the aesthetic of any room it’s added to. Its metallic rivers and polished finish adds a touch of modernity to your decor. We recommend this material for bathrooms and familial spaces. 
  • Epoxy Solids: Epoxy’s reputation when it comes to durability precedes it. B-Protek also offers it in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes, so you can easily match it to your decor.
  • Clear Epoxy Concrete Coating: If you’d like a floor with a timeless design, clear epoxy is an excellent solution. This material enhances the natural beauty of concrete while being incredibly durable, resistant and easy to maintain. We highly recommend it as a garage floor coating due to its resistance and durability.

Design Polyurea By B-Protek

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The B-Protek Winnipeg Team

Brian was raised in a military family and has called Manitoba home for over 30 years.  He has spent his career in public service and believes in the values of doing a great job, client service, and delivering the highest quality.

The opportunity to join the B-ProTEK team, with its decades of superior client service and dedication to quality installations aligned with Brian’s values and the protection of up to a 20-year warranty on the work makes B-ProTEK your best choice to beautify, renew and protect your concrete surfaces.

Whether you are looking to clean and make better use of your garage, add curb appeal to your front steps, beautify your pool, or replace your current interior flooring, B-ProTEK Winnipeg can help you!

Discover now the many options we offer you for concrete and flooring projects in Winnipeg and Manitoba!

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“I believe in the product! My focus is on client service and making sure every customer is wowed by the transformation of their project when we finish our work.” 

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