With over a decade of experience coating industrial floors, our team is your floor expert in Kemptville! We offer several top-quality concrete coatings that are perfect for industrial floors.

B-Protek epoxy flooring Kemptville

B-Protek: The experts in industrial flooring in Kemptville

B-Protek is synonymous with impeccable results, thanks to rigorous methods which assure all of our projects are 100% compliant with the national building code.

By choosing our team for your industrial flooring project, you are opting for peace of mind, whether it is a small project, or one of a more ambitious scale. Our teams can take on anything.

If you need help choosing a coating, our experts are available to answer your queries, and find solutions to your needs and expectations.

Find out all the advantages of choosing B-Protek, and why our team is the best solution for your industrial epoxy flooring in Kemptville.

Suggestions for Your Industrial Flooring in Kemptville

At B-Protek, we offer robust, durable materials to guarantee optimal resistance of your industrial flooring. Our team specialists will recommend coatings in line with your budget and requirements.

Our suggestions for your industrial floors are as follows:

Polyurea with Flakes

If you are looking for a durable coating that’s resistant to temperature variation, while also resistant to most chemicals, polyurea with flakes is an excellent solution. Additionally, this material is easy to clean and maintain, and allows for customizable colours.

Clear Epoxy

We also recommend clear epoxy for industrial settings, as this material is highly resistant, durable, and easy to maintain. It has a classic design which suits any space, along with the possibility of adding yellow safety lines.

Solid Color Epoxy

Just like clear epoxy, solid color epoxy is a great solution for industrial floors, with its main advantage being just how easy it is to customize. Each room can be of a different colour, chosen from a wide variety of tones, and you can also add yellow safety lines.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is perfect if you wish to modernize your space, as it has interesting, rich, modern river metallic designs that enhance the beauty of your space.

The B-Protek Kemptville Team

With more than a decade of experience coating industrial floors, our team has the knowledge and the skills needed to bring the desired result to your project. Furthermore, under certain conditions, we can give some of our projects up to 20 years of guarantee.

If you need help choosing a coating for your industrial flooring in Kemptville, do not hesitate to ask our specialists. They’ll be happy to guide you through the different materials and help you choose the right one for your business.

For any questions about epoxy flooring in Kemptville, or if you need help choosing a coating, feel free to contact us.

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