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During the winter season, training may seem inaccessible or even too difficult to contemplate. Charles Ouimet, former professional skateboarder and now full-time cyclist, shares his tips for training indoors without having to face freezing temperatures.

Charles Ouimet x B-Protek

This fall, Charles contacted B-Protek to resurface his dusty and damaged concrete slab in his garage. A partnership was naturally formed. To see the full transformation of his garage, check out the video on his YouTube channel.

Tips from Charles Ouimet

1. Choose the Perfect Spot

Picking a clean and flat surface is ideal to start a training in optimal conditions. If the surface is uneven, consider leveling the height of the training base.

In addition, the yoga mat under the training base can help reduce vibration, and thus prevent slipping / moving during intense efforts.

2. Prepare your Equipment Before Starting

Having to stop in the middle of a workout drastically breaks motivation and performance momentum. Remember to prepare the necessary equipment during your training before you even start it: water bottle, supplements, snacks, headphones, cell phone, etc.

3. Adjust Room Temperature

What could be more suffocating than a room that is too hot during physical efforts? Remember to set the temperature a few degrees lower than your usual room temperature. If you start training in a comfortable climate, you will feel stifling heat very quickly.

Consider placing a fan on the floor during exercise: the bigger the better! When the body is well cooled, you will avoid feeling excess heat, which will allow you to optimize your physical performance.

4. Think About the Little Extras

Every workout is unique, just like every athlete.

Consider making this experience enjoyable and unique to you. If your workout model requires a wifi connection, make sure it’s stable or consider uploading your workout to avoid network slowdowns.

Remember to take small sips of water, often. You will inevitably sweat, so it is important to stay hydrated. Do this often, rather than all at once, to avoid the inconvenience of a full stomach.

Prepare a playlist that motivates you. Your workouts should be a satisfying experience (not a torture).

5. End on a Good Note

Stretching, too often neglected, is essential to allow your body to recover from your physical effort. Take a few minutes to bring your heart rate and body temperature down, and stretch the muscles that were used during your exercise. At the same time, you will avoid long-term injuries.

Set Up your Space for Indoor Training

Your living space is full of potential, but you need a little help to take full advantage of it, just like Charles Ouimet did? Call our experts to give your concrete floor a makeover.

Our specialists will know how to guide you towards the best solution for your needs and thus transform a lost space of your home, in a private gym.

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