Do you live in Barrie, Ontario, and your garage floor needs a slight or complete makeover? In that case, B-Protek is the right partner for your garage flooring needs. Our experienced flooring specialists will work diligently and take quality flooring solutions in due time. Contact us today, and we will take care of your garage flooring in Barrie.

Garage flooring Barrie

The Experts in Garage flooring in Barrie

At B-Protek, we will take care of all your garage flooring needs, and we can even take care of any other floor, such as your basement. Our expertise is top-notch and we excel in floor coating techniques, which we have learned over the many years of garage flooring in Barrie. We pride ourselves about the excellent customer satisfaction we offer, based on respect, active listening and finding the right solution for your specific needs.

Our seasoned experts are always on the lookout for new floor coating technics, and they are always applying their skills to all kinds of surfaces. Therefore, if you are looking for a company that does durable flooring solution in Barrie, B-Protek is here for you.

B-Protek Can Change your Garage Floor Within 24 hours

The expertise we have acquired over the years is the reason we work on different types of flooring project. We work on garage and basement floors and we do so efficiently and fast, to ensure you can use your floor as soon as possible.

Our specialists are at your disposal and their professionalism, attachment to security are second to none. We will make your garage floor the best floor of your house! For all your garage floor in Barrie, contact us today.

Our 3-step operating method

  • Online quote

If you go to our user-friendly website, you will get a rough but not final estimate within 2 minutes.

  • Site visit

Once the online estimate is done, one of our specialists will stop by your house to confirm and attest all the work that needs to be done, whether it is about the size or the colour application. After that, we will set up the rendezvous to start the garage’s transformation.

  • Transformation

We have many teams, and we will dispatch one to stop on the agreed upon time and date to start with the necessary work. One of our teams will come on the agreed upon date and proceed with your garage’s transformation and be done within a day, regardless of the weather or time of the year!

For any type of flooring projects in Barrie, Ontario, contact us today or visit our website!

How do we at B-Protek meet your expectations using our unique methods?

Thanks to our extensive works with many clients over the years, our seasoned experts have developed many services and other specific methods to make any garage look amazing since it is an important space of your home. Even if it can be tricky since applying industrial type of quality products is not an easy thing, we have the required expertise to do so. If you are looking for a garage flooring in Barrie, B-Protek is the flooring company to call.

Since safety is our number one concern when working, our experts have designed and created a process which is defined by specific production steps, from beginning to end. At B-Protek, we have the expertise and the professionals that will take care of your garage flooring in Barrie. Our unique method has four steps, which are described in the next paragraph.

Concrete surfaces preparation

To prepare the slab of concrete, we will use an industrial diamond-grinding machine. The different cracks are made bigger, and we use a liquid-clogging polyurea to close the cracks, so we can finally clean the garage floor.

Sealant application

Our specialists actively seal the garage floor using a polyurea, chosen within various colors. The process will efficiently link the concrete surface and its upper layers, rendering the mix compounds even stronger!

Flakes covering

You can select from many vinyl flakes of colors, given it is your project, and we will add them, at your request. We have created this entire process to saturate the floor. Once the drying has happened after an hour or two, we will remove any excess vinyl flakes left.

Perfect Finish

For the finishing touch, we use a clear polyurea which helps secure the vinyl flakes for a durable floor, while the polyurea creates a slip-resistant but washable surface floor for your garage.

We take care of everything for you!

B-Protek is at your disposition no matter the scale of your project. Our team is happy to take up any challenge when it comes to garage flooring in Barrie. We are leaders in the field and will put our expertise at your disposition with great pride.

Furthermore, our team goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. We work rigorously with methods that are 100% compliant with the National Building Code. When you choose to work with our team, you allow yourself to work with a group of passionate professionals that have years of experience behind them.

The satisfaction of our clientele is our priority. This is why we make sure to replace and clean everything before we leave. Furthermore, we are confident about the durability of our work. For that reason, we offer guarantees going up to 20 years on certain projects. By working with B-Protek, you can rest assured that your new garage flooring in Barrie will last for a long time.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our service or a garage flooring project. We will take your call and answer all of your questions with great pleasure.

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