An Epoxy Floor or Carpeting?

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Ready to do or redo your basement flooring but still torn between epoxy or carpeting? Consult our guide to help you make the right choice.

An Epoxy Floor or Carpeting? Carpeting

Due to its fibrous nature, carpeting tends to absorb a lot of humidity. As you can imagine, this can cause several problems. One particular problem, however, can lead to worse consequences than all others: the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, which can cause bad odours and potential health problems.

While carpeting is aesthetically more appealing and available in a wide range of colours and styles, unless it’s cleaned on a very regular basis (and even then, there are no guarantees), problems related to bacteria and fungi can appear.

When we consider an average of 200,000 bacteria per square foot of carpeting, do aesthetics beat the problems inherent in a carpet? We’ll let you decide!

An Epoxy Floor or Carpeting? Epoxy

Epoxy, on the other hand, has antibacterial properties and is waterproof. Hence, not only are you spared a breeding ground for bacterial growth, but your floor will also be resistant against liquid attacks and a variety of chemical products.

Easy to maintain and durable, epoxy is, without a doubt, a hygienic material. It’s therefore no surprise that it’s the preferred option in many buildings where hygiene is an important factor, including:

  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Hospitals and their operating rooms
  • Food industry buildings
  • Hotels
  • Drinking water tanks

In addition, epoxy is not necessarily unaesthetic, quite the opposite! You can get epoxy that is metallic, 100% solids, or you can opt for a more transparent product. This way, you can choose a style that matches your tastes.

In Conclusion

So, which will it be? Epoxy flooring or carpeting?

Considering the properties of each product, epoxy flooring is clearly the only option we can recommend. Epoxy offers the aesthetics of carpeting without being vulnerable to humidity.

We therefore recommend you avoid using carpeting in your basement.

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