For professional flooring work in Hawkesbury, it’s B-Protek

B-Protek is a company well-known for its flooring services in Hawkesbury. Trust our team to successfully carry out all your flooring work.

For more than 10 years, our team has developed extensive experience in the industry of floor renovation. We are therefore well prepared to complete your work. In addition, you will have access to the knowledge of a team of qualified flooring experts. If you need help choosing your materials, or finding a flooring solution that meets your needs, we can help you.

Discover all the advantages of hiring our team of professionals for your garage flooring work in Hawkesbury.

Why choose our team for your garage flooring projects in Hawkesbury?

Our reputation leads us to the quality of our work. Our team works according to rigorous methods that perfectly respect the standards of Ontario. You can be confident that we can deliver work that is 100% consistent.

Our flooring experts do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction. From the submission stage to the finishing touches, you are taken care of by our team. An experienced member will come to your home free of charge to make the estimate. And then we will make our submission as quickly as possible. 

In addition, we will even take care of cleaning and replacing the parts we have worked on. This is our way of making sure you can enjoy your renovations as quickly as possible.

We are confident in the quality of our craft. That’s why we offer warranties of up to 20 years.

Top Quality Materials

For all your flooring projects, we offer superior quality materials. All the materials selected by our team meet very high standards of aesthetics, durability, and resistance.

We are proud to introduce you to our high-end materials:

  • Polyurea with Flakes. We strongly recommend polyurea as a garage floor covering. Its durability, flexibility, and ease of maintenance make it an ideal material for your garage.
  • Clear Concrete: For a brighter garage choose clear concrete. Its surface reflects natural and artificial light and increases the brightness of your garage. This material also enhances the natural beauty of concrete and keeps the classic look of your garage.
  • 100% Solid Epoxy: Epoxy is extremely durable and we suggest it for all other rooms in the house. It is highly adaptable because we offer it in a wide range of colors and impressive finishes.
  • Metallic Epoxy: Metallic epoxy gives you the opportunity to modernize your spaces. Its rich and unique designs make it a highly aesthetic floor. It is also durable, resistant and easy to maintain.

Need more information about garage flooring in Hawkesbury? Please contact us for submission. An experienced member of our team will be happy to discuss your needs.

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When it comes to floor quality, we like to believe there is no ceiling.

“They gave us a remarkable customer experience: courtesy, professionalism and a concern for our needs.”