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Concrete polishing is an opportunity to grind down surface floors to create high gloss finishes. You can give a look of a new floor to your old concrete in Barrie, and of course, it is less expensive than replacing it with a new one.

It will allow you to enhance your environment, and it will help to clean it because a gloss finish needs low maintenance.

Furthermore, then giving an aesthetic pull, there are a lot of benefits to polish the concrete:

Concrete polished floors will make you appreciate your living space.

Polished concrete floors are also hard and abrasion-resistant, making them suitable for high traffic areas, free from scratching or scuffing slip-resistant, and finally, they are considered «green» due to their environmental sustainability.

An alternative to polishing concrete is grinding existing concrete. The two methods are similar, and of course the final look is similar too, but there are specific differences, in the way to proceed. By grinding the concrete, you restore the concrete surfaces, you remove paint, epoxies and dirt and after that you can easily install flooring. Grinding concrete always needs to use a sealer in order to obtain the gloss finish look. Grind concrete surfaces are durable and easy to clean as polished concrete are, and also they are perfect for high traffic areas and give an aesthetic pull to your concrete floor.

image of concrete on the floor in Barrie

Concrete Flooring Barrie

B-Protek team in Barrie is dedicated to provide a top-quality service that will meet your expectations. Our contractor team has the widest selection of concrete resurfacing for residential and commercial flooring in Barrie. Our rigorous methods are completely complying with the Ontario building code to give you peace of mind.

B-Protek expert team will help you to transform your old concrete floor into a beautiful and durable floor. Our mission is to be sure to achieve ideal results when determining correct repairs and required techniques for your flooring in Barrie.

Why call on our team of experts for concrete in Barrie?

Our professional flooring experts in Barrie are well qualified, with 10 years of experience, to offer you high-quality concrete for flooring, They are specialized in the grinding and resurfacing concrete floor service.

If you’re looking to upgrade your exterior concrete, your garage floor and protect your concrete slab, they will offer you a polyurea flooring coating that gives an aesthetic finish look. There are various colors, it is stain-resistant, and the material is highly durable. Easy to clean, polyurea has a high resistance to humidity, water and temperature changes.

For a glossy look, they can also offer you an epoxy floor coatings. These coatings create smooth and modern effects. Cleaning that type of floor is easy, you only need water and regular soap. There are other kinds of epoxy coating, you can choose among an epoxy solid, or even a clear epoxy if you wish to keep the «rugged concrete look».

B-Protek contractors in Barrie are qualified to resurface your floor and deliver high quality work. The job will begin by grinding concrete, the most important step, because concrete floors need to be appropriately prepared. A more uniformed surface will make floor coating easier. If you want to enhance the look of your concrete floor, call B-Protek in Barrie, they will give you advised tips about resurfacing concrete and give them a «glossy look».

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