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Are you looking for the best team to help you transform your commercial flooring in Ottawa? You’ve found it! B-Protek is the flooring expert team to hire for all your commercial floor projects.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field, we are ready to take on any challenge. No matter the scale of your project, we will ensure that you will be satisfied. We take pride in our unparalleled customer service and flawless results. Our consultants are available 7 days a week if you have any questions concerning your project. Furthermore, an experienced member of our team will go to your address to take measurements and submit a quote as fast as possible!

Your Commercial Flooring Project is in good hands!

Our materials are also selected carefully. All of our products meet the highest standards of the industry. If you need help choosing a commercial floor coating, our consulting experts are available and ready to help at any time.

Find out everything you need to know about B-Protek’s products and services for commercial flooring in Ottawa.

The Best Materials for Your Commercial Flooring in Ottawa

Our team is proud to provide Ottawa business owners with impeccable customer service and flawless results. We also offer a wide selection of durable, resistant, and easy-care materials for your commercial flooring in Ottawa. Our consulting experts are happy to help you determine the ideal material for your project.

Until we meet, here is a list of our top-quality products for your commercial floors in Ottawa:

  • Polyurea with Flakes: Our experts’ number one recommendation when it comes to commercial garages. Polyurea with flakes is a material that’s highly resistant to most chemicals found in garages. It is also easy care, durable, and flexible to temperature variation. This material bends to follow the concrete’s movements during freeze and thaw season, which significantly reduces the risks of cracks. We also offer it in a few colours, which allows you to adapt it to your decor.
  • Clear Epoxy: For a commercial flooring with a clear, shiny finish, we highly recommend clear epoxy. This material is highly durable and enhances the natural beauty of concrete. It is an ideal solution for office spaces and commercial garages. This material is also durable, resistant, and easy care.
  • Solid Epoxy: We highly recommend this for retail stores, warehouse stores, or big-box stores. Our 100% solids coloured epoxy coatings are offered in a wide variety of colours, styles, and finish. Furthermore, we can paint yellow safety lines on your floor and make your floor in your company’s colours. Epoxy is also well known for its rock-solid durability, its resistance, and how easy care it is.
  • Metallic Epoxy: For a commercial floor that will absolutely WOW your customers and employees, metallic epoxy is an excellent solution. This material is especially popular in restaurants and boutiques because of the uniqueness of the product. We offer it in several colours, effects, and patterns that can easily be added to any decor. Like any epoxy coating, this material is durable, resistant, and easy care.

Why Choose B-Protek for Your Project

Your commercial flooring in Ottawa is an essential part of your business image. It’s one of the first things your customers, employees, and associates will see as they enter your establishment. A nice and clean commercial floor inspires confidence, It also gives a more positive atmosphere to your business.

B-Protek’s mission is to ensure your needs are met when you decide to transform your commercial floor. We pride ourselves on our fast, reliable, professional service. We are also confident in the quality of our work. So much that some of our projects can come with a 20 year-long guarantee. 

Our floor experts have also been trained with rigorous work methods. All of our projects follow and respect theNational Building Code. You can rest assured that your floors are compliant and built to last.

Do you have a commercial flooring in Ottawa that needs to be transformed? Contact us today. An experienced member of our team will take the call and answer all of your questions with great pleasure.

Our services in Ottawa:

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